Odisha Primary Education Programme Authority

Odisha Primary Education Programme Authority (OPEPA) came in to existence as a registered society on
30th January 1996. The School & Mass Education(S & ME) department in the Government of Odisha has the responsibility to achieve the goals of Universal Elementary Education (UEE).
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Types of Intervention

Technology has become an increasingly influential factor in education today. Computers and mobile phones are used in developed countries for improvement in education practice and to develop new ways of learning. Technology provides powerful learning tools and provides new ways to engage students in the schools. Computer Aided Learning (CAL) Programme in elementary schools has been introduced with the aim to develop the learning capacity of the students and increase the teaching productivity and effectiveness of instructors with the help of advance Computer based Technology. With the normal teaching method, students would feel uninteresting and easily forget what teachers have taught. This system adopts the newest Computer Technology, illustrating with the attractive pictures & animations, playing with music & voice. The students will feel happy & willing to study consciously. Besides, the students would also be proud to show others that they are able to use Computer. Computer Aided Learning in Upper Primary Schools does not aim at teaching intricacies and technicality of computers. It aims at providing joyful, interactive and interesting ways of learning, through illustrations, examples and interactive tools particularly designed to emphasize on the HARDSPOTS of the regular curriculum.

  • To make learning effective and interesting.
  • To generate supplementary materials in digitized from with the help of graphics, animation, voice etc.
  • To bring back the Out of school children who are unable to complete Upper Primary education in difficult areas.
  • To improve retention rate and quality of education.
  • To empower the teachers.
  • To prepare the children to welcome & face the future with smile & confidence.
  1. CAL Programme is now operational in 2645 Upper Primary Schools of Orissa having required infrastructures like regular electricity connection, security & more than 100 students in classes V to VII/VIII with more than 04 teachers including Head Master.
  2. 600 schools were taken up under CAL Programme in 2004-05 on BOOT Model, which is over since September 2009 and thereafter these schools are directly managed by the DPOs. 900 schools were taken up in 2008-09 with direct procurement of HW/SW and Lab preparation by DPOs. 10 schools of Cuttack district are included to this programme during 2009-10 where implementation is done through Odisha Computer Application Center (OCAC) the nodal agency for IT Department, Govt. of Odisha. During 2010-11, more 93 schools of selected districts are taken up in this programme and 1042 Schools are further taken-up during 2012-13 on outright purchase of HW/SW. All these schools are under direct control of the School Management Committee (SMC) and supported by SSA.
  3. Priority has been given to cover all the KGBVs under the CAL Programme. Eligible Upper Primary Schools in Tribal Sub Plan areas and of SC & ST Development Department are also included under CAL Programme.
  1. In 1593 Schools, @03 Computers, 03 UPSs & 01 Printer were provided to start the programme and in subsequent years, the number of Computers has been increased to 05/06 per school as per the need and fund availability under CAL budget of SSA for the districts.
  2. In 10 Schools of Cuttack district, one projector system loaded with multimedia contents along with @03 Computers, 03 UPSs & 01 Printer have been installed.
  3. In 1042 Schools one Workstation with 06 Nodes connected with n-computing device has been provided to accommodate 7 groups of children at a time to use the CAL contents.
  4. SUSE Linux proprietary software has been provided to earlier 1603 CAL Schools & in 1042 Schools, where Workstation with Node model has been provided, Microsoft Windows 7 Professional has been pre-loaded.
  5. The On-line School MIS Software has been installed in 335 Computers of 115 CAL implemented schools of Boudh, Gajapati & Kandhamal district on pilot basis. On-line version of the SW has been installed in 183 Computers and off-line version of the SW has been installed in 152 Computers where internet accessibility is poor. A dongle for internet connection has been provided to these schools. Through On-line School MIS, daily reports on the duration for which the Computers have been used, applications assessed, down time of systems etc., are being generated for each school. These reports are helping the administrators to remotely monitor the schools.
  6. The Computer lab is prepared in each school with required electrical wiring, earthing, furniture & Servo Stabilizers.
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