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E Shramik Registration | E Shram Card Online Registration, Benefits, Eligibility | CSC Login

E-Shramik Registration 2021: The Modi Government has launched a new program to create a national-level database of unorganized sectors labours. The Ministry of Labour and Employment launched the E-Shram Portal to receive applications from all over the country. Any individual whose age is between 16 to 59 can register for an e-Shramik Card. The official portal of e-shram is eshram.gov.in


Anyone who is eligible can do E Shram Card

Self Registration if his/her aadhaar is linked to

a mobile number. If his/her aadhaar card is

linked to a mobile number, then he can apply

for e Shram Card Online from home through

mobile or laptop.

If your Aadhaar is not linked with your mobile number, then you can register for an e Shramik Card by visiting your nearest CSC center in your area.

Total in the article you are going to know more about E-Shram Registration, Shramik Card Registration, PDF download, eligibility criteria, benefits, required documents, etc. 

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E Shramik Registration | Shram Card 2021

E-Shramik Card is a card issued by the Ministry of Labour and Employment, Government of India. This card is given to the workers of the unorganized sector who register themselves on the E-Shram Portal or through the CSC Digital Seva center. Any person can register for the Shramik Card. But they should not have an account/ID under EPFO, ESIC, or NPS. They should not get the benefits of a PF account or central/ State-funded pension.

There are many types of workers under unorganized sectors. All these types of workers can register their names. The government will provide social security scheme benefits through this database. And the government will also provide insurance cover of Rs.2 lakhs under PMSBY.

Any workers or labours who are self-employed, home based-worker, or wage workers can register on the portal. They should not get the benefits of EPFO/ESIC or NPS (Govt. funded). 

Latest News : The Ministry of Labour recently tweeted that over 2 crores unorganised workers have registered on the e-shram portal. It is going on.

Overview of E Shram Portal

Name of the Scheme

e-Shram Registration or Shramik Card

Launched by

Central Government


  • To make a database of the labours of unorganized sectors. 

  • To provide insurance facility.

  • To provide the benefits of social security scheme in future.


The labours of unorganized sectors


The Ministry of Labours and Employment.

Official Website


Objectives of the E Shramik Card 

The central government launched e Shramik Card portal with some objectives. The main objective of launching the e Shram Portal is to make a large database of the labour of unorganized workers. Some other objectives are mentioned below.

The main objectives are :-

  1. To make a database of unorganized sectors laborers and workers including Construction Workers, Migrant Workers, Gig and Platform workers, Street Vendors, Domestic Workers, Agriculture Workers.

  1. To share the information of registered unorganized workers with various stakeholders such as Ministries/ Departments/ Boards/ Agencies/ Organisations of the Central & State.

  1. To provide social security and welfare benefits to the migrant and construction workers.

  1. To provide a comprehensive database to Central and State Governments for tackling any National Crises like COVID-19 in the future.

  1. To provide insurance facility up to 2 lakhs rupees for accidental death under Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Bima Yojana (PMSBY)

Benefits of E-Shram Card

The beneficiary will get some benefits if they register themselves on E Shram Portal. If you don't know the benefits of E Shramik Card, then see here.

These are :-

  1. The unorganized workers will get the social security scheme benefits.

  2. They will get insurance cover of Rs. 2 lakhs for accidental death and Rs. 1 lakh for one hand, leg and eye loss or disability.

  3. They can get work under government and private works.

  4. They can show this E-Shram Card as a document of their work experience.

Eligibility Criteria for E-Shram Card

To get any benefits under any scheme, the beneficiary should have some minimum eligibility criteria. 

These are:-

  1. They must be the resident of India.

  2. They must have Aadhaar Card.

  3. Age should be between 16-59 years.

  4. They should not be a member of EPFO/ESIC or NPS (Govt. funded)

  5. They should be unorganized workers.

Who are Unorganized Workers?

The workers who are self-employed, home-based-worker, or a wage worker. You can download the PDF file given below and see the NCO Code list and worker type. Some worker type is given here. You should download the PDF file to see full list.

  • Sharecroppers Brick Kiln workers

  • Labeling and Packing

  • Vegetable and fruit vendors

  • Migrant Workers

  • House Maids

  • Carpenters Sericulture Workers

  • Small and Marginal Farmers

  • Agricultural labors

  • Street Vendors

  • ASHA Workers

  • Milk Pouring Farmers

  • Salt workers

  • Auto drivers

  • Sericulture workers

  • Barbers

  • Newspaper vendors

  • Rickshaw pullers

  • Fisherman Saw Mill workers

  • Animal husbandry workers

  • Tannery workers

  • Building and Constructions workers

  • Leatherworkers

  • Midwives

  • Domestic workers

NCO Code List PDF 

Required Documents for E-Shramik Registration

If you want to register for E-Shram Card, you should have the following documents mentioned below. If you don't have an Aadhaar linked with a mobile number, you should visit your nearest CSC center. If you have Aadhaar Card linked with a mobile number, you can register by yourself free of cost.

  • Aadhaar Number 

  • The mobile number is linked with Aadhaar.

  • If you don't have a mobile number linked with Aadhaar, you can apply through the CSC center.

  • Savings Bank Account Number with IFSC code.

E Shram Registration Online

If any person has the above eligibility criteria, then he can easily apply for e Shram Card online by himself. They don't need to go anywhere if their Aadhaar is linked with mobile number. If their Aadhaar Card is not linked with a mobile number, then they should register at the CSC center free of cost. Because the government will give Rs.20 per registration to the CSC center owner.

If you want to register by yourself, then you can see the complete process mentioned below.

E Shram Portal Registration

  • Then you will be redirected to a new page where you have to enter your Aadhaar linked Mobile number and Captcha code.

E Shram Portal Registration

  • After that, you have to click on the 'Send OTP' button.

  • Then on the next page, you have to enter the OTP.

  • Then click on the 'Submit button.

  • After that, a new form will appear on the screen.

  • Then you have to fill-up the form step by step. You have to follow seven steps.

    • Personal Information

    • Address

    • Education Qualification

    • Occupation

    • Bank Details

    • Preview Self Declaration

    • UAN Card

  • After filling up all the above information, your card will be displayed on the screen.

  • Finally, you will see the option 'Download UAN Card' on the left side above.

E Shram Portal Registration

  • Click on the 'Download UAN Card' option and your E-Shram Card will be downloaded.

  • Then take a printout of the card.

Note: All the information on the form is not mandatory to fill up. Only (*) marks are mandatory to fill up.

E-Shram Registration Online Tutorial Video 

E Shramik Card Update Online

If any mistake occurs during the E Shramik Registration, you can update it through the e Shram Portal or CSC center. The complete process is given below.

  • First of all, you should go to the official portal of e Shram portal.

  • Then you have to click on the ' Update' option.

  • After that, you have to log in with your Aadhaar linked mobile number and OTP.

  • Then you can update or modify any information.

  • Finally, you can download the updated e Shram Card.

E Shramik Card Registration CSC Login

The CSC center person can log in to register for E-Shram Card. The applicants who don't have an Aadhaar linked with their mobile number must register through the CSC center. The CSC Login process is given below.

  • The person in the CSC Center can log in from the direct link given here or visit the official portal. 

  • On the official portal of e Shram, you can see an option ' Registration through CSC Digital Seva'

  • Then log in with your CSC ID, password, and Captcha.

  • All the process of application is as same as self-registration.

  • Only one thing is different that is the Aadhaar verification with the fingerprint.

All States E Shram Card

  • E Shram Andhra Pradesh : Click

FAQs E-Shram Portal

What is e Shram card?

  • Actually, the central government decided to make an online database of the different types of labours of unorganized sectors.

What are the benefits of the e Shram Card?

  • They will get the social security scheme benefits.

  • They will get insurance cover of Rs. 2 lakhs for accidental death and Rs. 1 lakh for one hand, leg, and eye loss.

  • They can get work under government and private works.

What is eligibility for an e Shram Card?

  • The eligibility criteria for E-Shram Card are mentioned in the article.

Which documents are required for the e Shram Card?

  • The documents which are required to register for E-Shram Card are Aadhaar Card, Mobile Number, and Bank Account Number with IFSC code

E-Shram Helpline Number

If you have any queries, you can contact the official.

Ministry of Labour & Employment
Govt. of India,  Jaisalmer House
Mansingh Road,  New Delhi-110001, India

Phone number: 011-23389928

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